Register as Sales Partner

  • Sell PVC Aadhaar card printing to your customers.
  • Collect payment and E-Aadhaar files.
  • Upload E-Aadhaar files to online portal.
  • Select Delivery Option.
  • Payment Online.
  • Get cards delivered to selected option.
  • Distribute printed cards to your customers.
  • Earn sales commission for each order.
  • No need to purchase printer or software.
  • No minimum commitment required.
  • Should have System/Laptop with interet connection.
  • No registration Fee.
  • Recharge online account to maintain balance for next order.
  • Register as KSP at to get started.

Useful for

  • Cyber Cafe / Internet Cafe
  • Xerox/Copy centres
  • Citizen service providers
  • Any enthusiastic individuals

New Sales Partner Registration